Saturday, August 23, 2014

Jessie and Andy

Last  night I got to take these images of a truly incredible family, some really great friends. I am so pleased to share these. What a bunch of stunning people. Wowza! 

I've waited a long while to start posting again. Zero of my own weddings and life catching up with me, I guess. This was worth getting started blogging again. Here's to a month of many more family portraits to come. Thanks Jessie and Andy!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


As summer nears its end (wait, what?!) I thought it appropriate to post one of my absolute favorite vistas. Driving down PA country roads through farms and fields, I just LOVE to see them hemmed in by clusters and clusters of Tiger Lilies. It just fills me with joy.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Starting Right Here

      So it's been a long while, a long, long while, since I've posted anything on this page. Being that this is the only means I use to advertise any of my work as a photographer, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I am less-than overwhelmed by the amount of photo opportunities that I have secured for the upcoming months and year. There are a lot of great photographers out there with a lot of super branding. I may fit in the first category with solidarity, but obviously not the second. If I were honest, part of me doesn't mind. Part of me does.
       Last year was my busiest year to date. The most portrait sessions and weddings I've done in a year. So in that respect, I am a little surprised that I'm not preparing for a single wedding for this year. Of course I'm still growing in my skills, as every photographer should be, and I know that my abilities have certainly grown since I started photographing for a business over 6 years ago. And thank God they have.
      But now I can confidently say that I am in transition. I have recently become part of the Char Co team!! ( as one of the associate photographers. A dream job that I didn't believe could become reality, and it has. My first wedding with them is in May and I FEEL READY! Maybe this is the first step to something bigger than I imagined. Maybe not. But I am excited and hopeful for the possibilities. On the other hand, I have not stepped away from my own little business, as small scale as it may be.
      So I decided to use my skills in a place I would never regret. Right here at home. Photographing the real and raw un-styled beauty that I am blessed to be surrounded by on a daily basis. I often avoid taking photos of my own family because of the amount of 'effort' that goes into getting them ready to take a proper picture. But my idea of beauty has been evolving, thanks to friends like Tiffany Farley ( and some super talented photographers that I am so often inspired by. Causing me to ask questions about my work like 'what matters to me?' Well, I can start here. These two beautiful, brilliant girls matter to me. The baby I will be having in 5 more months matters to me. The home I get to live in matters to me. The outstanding husband I am not deserving of living alongside matters to me. So I'll start here. Until the beautiful, extravagant weddings that I DO love come my way. The gorgeous brides in their amazing dresses, the beautiful floral table settings and intimate loving moments that come with them come my way. Until maybe I get to be more of a mainstay for Char Co. comes my way. I will start here.


  Aren't they really just fantastic?!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lauren & Evan




I am totally stoked. It is for quite a good reason. Lauren saw my photographs of her friend's wedding five years ago. She liked them so much that since then she has been determined that one day, when she got married, she would hire me also. No pressure, right? I only have to live up to 5 years worth of anticipation and expectation. Not to mention that she is also kind, beautiful, generous, thoughtful. The kind of bride that makes me REALLY not want to screw this up. Really. 

So she got engaged. She contacted me. She hired me. And I am so very grateful. It was a beautiful wedding. Not only was the ceremony at a gorgeous, historic stone church but the reception was at the Hershey Antique Auto Museum. Fully equipped with its very own diner. SO fun! 

And did I mention how happy I am with the results??