Saturday, October 11, 2014

A New Season

In a current state of shock, introspection, sentimentality, and riding an emotional roller coaster as I contemplate these last few days. Delivering my third child, knowing that I choose not to do it again, knowing that there is no greater privilege and honor, knowing that the days ahead will be full,  joy-filled, hard, painful, lovely, expanding, deep, fleeting, transforming, fragile, powerful, beautiful, tearful, fun, and comical. Every emotion. Every revelation of life. That there is a beginning, middle and end. That trying to push past the pain of today means that I also pass through its joys and delights, without the chance to revisit. These are my thoughts these last few days. Stitches healing. Nipples bleeding. Surrounded by pure beauty and blessing beyond what I deserve. Thankful for these images as a reminder of today and the beauty it holds.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Andrea & Eric

I've been sifting through and editing these latest portraits, an engagement session for the fun and fabulous Andrea and her new fiancé, Eric. The further I get through them, the more excited I get. I am thrilled with their outcome. And at almost 40 weeks pregnant, what else would I be doing? ;)

Cheers to the happy couple!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Jessie and Andy

Last  night I got to take these images of a truly incredible family, some really great friends. I am so pleased to share these. What a bunch of stunning people. Wowza! 

I've waited a long while to start posting again. Zero of my own weddings and life catching up with me, I guess. This was worth getting started blogging again. Here's to a month of many more family portraits to come. Thanks Jessie and Andy!